Types of dating sites

Popular mistakes that all we make during online dating

The most common mistakes that can be made are as follows: people either expect too much from it, or they expect too little. Both are wrong. So what is really incorrect during virtual romance? Here is our list.

  • Extra expectations

To understand how this happens, remember the old joke about a girl who, after spending the night with an unfamiliar man, comes out of the bathroom and, looking around the room, says: “Nothing, cozy … But we will put the wardrobe here!” As a rule, this is a female sin.

Speed Dating Vs Online Dating

First of all, some basic facts about speed dating:

  • It is believed that this format of meetings was invented in the United States in the late 1990s in the Jewish community. Based on the popular belief that affection between people arises in the first 30 seconds of communication, and you can get complete information about a person in 5–8 minutes, this trend quickly got popularity.
  • In London, such parties are always sold out. It’s almost impossible to come to the event without prior registration. In the US, mini-party parties have become in fashion, they are visited by famous personalities, shown in the movies such as “Sex and the City” and “Simpsons.”
  • A little bit about how the event goes. The same number of women and men are invited to the party, as a rule, of the same age group. Women sit at tables, while men change their places at regular intervals, usually 5-7 minutes. After each date, the participants put down the pros and cons of their cards. In the end, the organizers process the data and, if the attractions coincide, the next day they send the contacts of the participants who liked each other.
  • The unpleasant moments were as follows: too long sessions, delays, cancellation. Sometimes representatives of the stronger sex fell into the wrong age group, and therefore got a lot of negative emotions, skepticism. And even considering that one of them win the title of “King” of the evening, forcing the hearts of girls to beat more often, to the question “Would you take part in quick dates again?” the answer usually “no.”

The advantages of online dating are as follows:

Want to Tie a Knot: What to Choose – Online Dating or Marriage Agency?

What is more effective – specialized agencies or dating sites?

Thanks to the Internet, countries, and continents have become closer to us. There is a real chance to find the second half, even across the ocean. They say it is very effective to conduct a search for a future husband through specialized dating sites and international marriage agencies. Naturally, we are talking about officially registered organizations with proper experience and a good reputation. Consider the advantages and features of both “assistants.”