Want to Tie a Knot: What to Choose – Online Dating or Marriage Agency?

What is more effective – specialized agencies or dating sites?

Thanks to the Internet, countries, and continents have become closer to us. There is a real chance to find the second half, even across the ocean. They say it is very effective to conduct a search for a future husband through specialized dating sites and international marriage agencies. Naturally, we are talking about officially registered organizations with proper experience and a good reputation. Consider the advantages and features of both “assistants.”

What is the difference between marriage agencies and online dating sites?

Both establishments promise to help in finding a good variant. But in the first case, it is often a paid service, while the second option is free. The agency concludes an agreement and is looking for promising candidates for you as required. Among the additional services of most of these companies are:

  • portfolio creation;
  • organization of meetings;
  • translation services;
  • assistance in obtaining visas.

Usually, agencies work with several partners abroad, so the database is quite impressive, and the chance to find your destiny is thus high. The advantages of such a professional approach are that you will only communicate with those men who suit you on the basis of certain criteria.

How to meet a future spouse on the Internet?

Modern dating sites also help to select the profiles by parameters, but these are only key features such as age, height, weight, etc. As a result, there are more candidates than the company may offer you, and you will lose a lot of time for communication and further choice. The disadvantage of dating sites is a lack of confidence. Some applicants sit here just for fun or the moment of pride, others are actually married and are looking for sexual adventures, and some people just provide fake information and profile pictures.

Therefore, prepare yourself for possible failures.

However, there are a lot of successful stories. And today, clients who apply to the services of marriage agencies or websites are not necessarily losers in their country. There are many reasons to look for a bride/groom through intermediaries or the Internet, for example:

  • lack of free time;
  • the desire to meet only serious partners;
  • shyness in communicating with the opposite sex;
  • absence of suitable candidates around;
  • desire to have a partner from a particular country.

As you see it’s possible to beautiful, intelligent, successful, and wealthy partner. The main thing is to know exactly what you need, and do not despair in case of failures. Besides, statistics confirm that international marriages are much stronger than unions between citizens of the same country. In the first case, the divorce makes up 20%, in the second – 40%.

Remember that in the process of finding the special one, you will be able to get acquainted with many interesting personalities who can later become your good friends.

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