Why Online Dating is Becoming More Popular Every Year

Due to the Internet, mankind got a new effective way of dating. It all started with ICQ, forums, social media. And today, many people prefer texting to talking on the phone.

 Here some common opinion about the popularity of virtual romance:

  • The world has become more open, and the search for a couple no longer imposes some frames.
  • Perhaps we are the first generation, absolutely free in the search and choosing a partner. There is no taboo, and it seems that you and I no longer have any restrictions:

– not geographical (we may  meet people from different countries);

– neither social (the Japanese princess in that year gave up the title to marry her beloved promoter);

– no age (couples with a difference in age, as with any other difference; the public stopped worrying).

  • No matter how special you are, you can find someone with similar interests and goals.
  • But the choice itself seemed to be less possible – and people seemed to be becoming more and more alone. We go on applications like a supermarket, and if something is wrong, just follow on. At the same time, “men suffer from the illusion of choice, women from the illusion of being in demand”

But there are places where it is easier for people to get acquainted offline – due to mentality or accepted rules: in Tel Aviv or Tbilisi, for example, you may meet somebody on the street.

We ask several people to share their experience:

Nick, 33, Sales Manager

A few years ago I was offered an interesting job in a trade mission with a large number of business trips. I am constantly in different cities and even countries where I can apply my knowledge and skills and not forget foreign languages. In this period of life, I need it, I am building a career.

I have such a busy schedule that I practically do not go to the beaches, clubs, or ride a bike, for example. I like to spend days effectively. I do not lose hope and I believe that in online dating.

Jane, 24, artist

Such creative work does not require a presence in the office. People with a free schedule say that you can enjoy your life with a lot of time. Well, I often enjoy painting so much that I can stay in the house for days, even for bread. Besides, inspiration often comes to me at 4 am. What kind of dating this time can be!

At special platforms, such people as Nick & Jane can communicate at any time, day or night and look for a partner.

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