Over the past 10 years in the US, 25% of couples met online

This article will be devoted to the subject of how to meet a girl/boy on the Internet because in the USA this is a highly popular trend.

In fact, I am a supporter of dating offline, in real life:

  • First of all: you just see who you meet. You are also a real person and not some model from the picture.
  • Secondly: from the first minutes of communication, you can understand who your new friend is. In the virtual space, most features are limited to the text.
  • Thirdly: in real life, you can immediately attract a girl with your charm, sense of humor.

But why Americans rely on online dating more and more?

Here are the top tips:

  • With the help of the world web, you can start a conversation with a beautiful girl, whom in the daily routine you would never dare to speak to. When a man meets a gorgeous lady, it is not necessary for him to have a neat look, to be shaved and combed. He can start chatting while sitting at a computer in shorts!
  • Only with the help of the global network, you can spot a girl from another city, a region that you would never visit.
  • If you are sure that the partner is real, go on. Write to him/her that you liked the way he/she writes, or you liked the pictures. Start commenting on photos, statuses, gradually start a friendly conversation.
  • Forget something “Hello, how are you?” – what could be worse than this trivial phrase? Or “Cool Tits.” It will be pleasant to the girl, but she, most likely, will not consider you seriously. Unless you both are looking for a one-night relationship.

According to experts, the following factors are attractive in a future partner:

  1. Shiny hair;
  2. Smooth well-groomed skin;
  3. Stylish garments.

During the virtual meeting, you shouldn’t be perfect. That’s why f. e. Tinder fills in a new user profile automatically using music from Spotify, Instagram photos, friends and likes from Facebook. The main task of the service is not to analyze compatibility, but to constantly attract new users who choose their own pair, looking through brief information.

It’s true that we reveal much more than we are aware of in our phrases, posts, blogs, Instagram photos and marks on Foursquare. We give dating apps access to this data and more. It’s a very famous case that when a journalist from The Guardian asked Tinder for all the information about herself, the company sent a report of 800 pages. Sounds scary? Maybe. But when I worked with some databases, such huge amounts of information delighted me.

So it’s no wonder that users in America save their time and go online in a hope to find somebody special.

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