Popular mistakes that all we make during online dating

The most common mistakes that can be made are as follows: people either expect too much from it, or they expect too little. Both are wrong. So what is really incorrect during virtual romance? Here is our list.

  • Extra expectations

To understand how this happens, remember the old joke about a girl who, after spending the night with an unfamiliar man, comes out of the bathroom and, looking around the room, says: “Nothing, cozy … But we will put the wardrobe here!” As a rule, this is a female sin.

To decide something for someone – a real gap in relationships. It interferes not so much with you or the man you communicate, but with the very relationships that you begin to develop. And life does not tolerate tough approaches, it is much more interesting and diverse than we can imagine even in our wildest fantasies. Therefore, you need to control your expectations in general and on the first dates – in particular.

  • “What’s wrong with us?”

The second mistake, on the contrary, is in excessive control over the situation. It is most often committed by people with so-called negative experiences. They always wait to get in trouble, and it seems to them that the harder they control what is happening, the easier it will be for them to avoid these troubles.

In fact, all this is nonsense, since there is no negative experience. There is just an experience that is not bad or good. Simply, in order to avoid mistakes in the future, it is necessary to make the right conclusions. And, since you’ve done this, you don’t need to be very suspicious. Behave yourself naturally: be polite, send smiles, respond to jokes – in general, do not write with such a mood as if you expect atomic war.

  • Hesitation

There is a risk of making a mistake even if after the first dating online you want to chat with this person again, but for some reason, he/she does not pop up online. “How to be,” we are perplexed, “to call yourself? Who must chat back – men or women? What if he doesn’t call – it turns out we will not see each other.” These are common disturbs of many users.

What to do in this situation? The answer is obvious – to write without bothering with the considerations of politeness. Even the ancient Chinese knew that every unfulfilled desire decomposes us from the inside. And while you wait for somebody to write, something destructive starts acting inside you that is so bad for your body. It is difficult even to predict all the consequences. Such hesitation has not been mentally healthy for anyone.

The worst thing that awaits you, as a result, is the understanding that this person for some reason does not want to communicate with you. It may not be very pleasant to know about this, but a negative result is also a result, which means you will stop suffering and waste time and energy.

Read all three points and make proper conclusions.

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