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    While the industry denies any major problems associated with fracking, numerous reports have been published by a multitude of organizations, government agencies, and Universities.  These reports show that there are numerous problems associated with fracking and other oil and gas activity.
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Inspections are never performed during the multi-day fracturing process by state regulators.
Ark. Public Policy Panel
"Arkansas in the Balance: 
Managing the Risks of Shale Gas Development in the Natural State"
Texas Oil & Gas Accountability Project
"Natural Gas Flowback:
How the Texas Natural 
Gas Boom Affects
 Health and Safety"
Oil & Gas 
Accountability Project
"Breaking All the Rules:
The Crisis in Oil & Gas Regulatory Enforcement"
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"Evaluation of Impacts to Underground Sources of Drinking Water by Hydraulic Fracturing of Coalbed Methane Reservoirs"
 Research Service
"Hydraulic Fracturing and Safe Drinking Water Act Regulatory Issues"
"The Costs of Fracking:
 The Price Tag of Dirty Drilling's Environmental Damage"
Pacific Institute
"Hydraulic Fracturing and Water Resources: Separating the Frack 
from the Fiction"
Global Community Monitor
"Citizen Investigation of Toxic Air Pollution from Natural Gas Development"
Oil & Gas 
Accountability Project
"Shale Gas: A Focus on the Marcellus Shale"
Food & Water Watch
"Not So Fast, Natural Gas:
Why Accelerating Risky Drilling Threatens 
Americas Water"
Food & Water Watch
"The Case for a Ban 
on Gas Fracking"
Ark. Public Policy Panel
"Model Oil and Gas Laws, Regulations, and Ordinances"
Ark. Public Policy Panel
"Violations of Water Quality Standards from Gas Production in Arkansas"
Working Group
"Drilling Around the Law"