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    Sorry, this page is still under construction, more coming soon.  For now, it is important to know that the extraction and use of natural gas and other fossil fuels are not only extremely harmful to people and the environment, but they are also limited.  They will probably run out sooner rather than later.  We are already seeing the effects of this with new un-conventional oil and gas extraction like fracking, deep sea off-shore drilling, and drilling in the Arctic.  The solution to our energy crisis is not to spend billions of dollars to transition from one fossil fuel (coal, oil, gasoline) to another fossil fuel (natural gas).  Natural gas prices are even more unstable than gasoline yet some of our state legislators are using hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars to pay for vehicle and appliance conversions to natural gas.  Most of the vehicle conversion rebates have been used by natural gas companies themselves to convert their own company vehicles at the cost of the taxpayer.  These legislators are also giving out taxpayer dollars to companies to build natural gas filling stations in Arkansas.  

    Arkansas has a little bit of wind potential but we have 6 times the amount of roof space in Arkansas than we need to produce all of our electricity needs with solar.  No energy source is 100% clean, but renewables like wind, geothermal, and especially solar have a much, much lower negative impact than fossil fuels.  As solar technology improves, the space needed for solar panels will decrease.  If mostly roof space is used for panels, then there is virtually no impact on the environment from the placement of the panel itself.  Obviously there are impacts from the production and disposal of solar panels, but that pales in comparison to what the oil, gas, coal, and nuclear industries are doing to people and the environment.  As technology improves we will be able to harness more and more electricity as solar panels and wind mills get smaller, reducing their impact on the surroundings.  New technologies must be explored like heat energy collectors in highways, building design and energy efficieny must be improved, and battery technology must improve.  Becoming ever more dependent on fossil fuels, whether they are foreign or domestic, is not the solution to our energy crisis and it will doom ourselves and generations yet to come.  The fossil fuel industry actively lobbies against renewable energy companies.  Please get behind clean, renewable energy!